Uplighting is a very popular and effective way of transforming your venue, building, wall’s, ceilings or just about anything for that matter . Uplighting describes the effect of using LED par cans to throw light up walls, across ceilings, and also to uplight or highlight features in your venue. The LED Uplighters can be set to nearly any colour imaginable, and depending on the job required can have all the lights linked together so they can all be controlled instantly from a single control platform which includes functions as colour change, blackout, dimming, sound active or simply set a fixed colour to match you theme exactly.

Uplighting is a hugely effective way of transforming even the most beautiful of venues into something magical, no matter what theme you have in mind for your wedding, party or corporate event we can uplight - highlight in any colour you can think of! Whether onto walls, ceilings, head table, ice statue to name a few. The list and possibilities are endless.

They can be placed strategically around the room highlighting walls, pillars, arch ways, doorways or specific architecture within the venue. They do not effect the photographers pictures mearly enhance the ambiance of the room giving you a better picture for that very important first dance.

All our lighting units use LED technology and therefore run on a very low wattage, they never get warm to the touch therefore they can be placed behind drapes or curtains with out any fear or damage due to heat dispersion.  I would also like to add this makes them very safe to be around children.

If you are interested in adding Uplighting to your event, get in touch with one of our team and we would be absolutely delighted to discuss the endless possibilities adding uplighting to your event can have. It is a very inexpensive way of completely transforming your venue into something spectacular.